and baffles

Initially designed as a solution to control drum noise on stage, our product range has been extended and is now widely used in both stage and studio environments to control individual levels and for general room treatments.

  • Acoustic floor tiles

  • Clearsonic IsoFloor
  • IsoFloor is the perfect accompaniment to ClearSonic drum screens, providing acoustic isolation between instruments and the surface they are sitting on. They are ideal for use with light weight staging where sound travels through the deck of the stage and resonates in the space below.

    IsoFloor is a 2' x 2' square tile constructed using the same compressed fibreglass found in the Sorber products. The fibreglass is sandwiched between two sheets of wood to provide a rigid surface, prior to being inserted into a fabric casing made from the same "trunk cloth" as the Sorber panels.

    Unlike Sorber products, IsoFloor is only available in dark grey.