and baffles

Initially designed as a solution to control drum noise on stage, our product range has been extended and is now widely used in both stage and studio environments to control individual levels and for general room treatments.

  • Clearsonic flector
  • FLECTOR 12 is a twelve inch diameter transparent discs made from a 0.1 inch thick modified Acrylic. Modified Acrylic is substantially stronger than regular Acrylic and much harder to break.

    FLECTOR is designed to reflect sound back to the musician so they can hear themselves better, while at the same time diffusing the narrow high energy acoustical beam associated with brass instruments, making life somewhat more bearable for anyone directly in the "line of fire".

    FLECTOR has the added benefit of reducing the potential for feedback by deflecting monitor foldback sound away from the back of the mic.

    GN6 is a short 6-inch gooseneck that helps position a microphone and FLECTOR 12 at the best angle