and baffles

Initially designed as a solution to control drum noise on stage, our product range has been extended and is now widely used in both stage and studio environments to control individual levels and for general room treatments.

How it works

ClearSonic Panels (CSP) provide acoustic separation between instruments on stage or in the studio. This helps reduce drum bleed into vocal or instrument mics and lowers stage volume so that everyone can hear themselves better.

Abrasion Resistance

AR acrylic uses the 3M 906 abrasion resistant coating on both sides, offering 40 times greater resistance to marring, scratching and chemical attack. AR acrylic can be cleaned with standard ammonia-based cleaners without worry of fogging.

Sound System Considerations

Although easy to use, successful use of the ClearSonic Panel may require some adjustments to your sound system. Sound absorbing material placed behind the drums, as well as on the lower half of your ClearSonic Panel is desirable and sometimes necessary to reduce the amount of sound reflecting off the ClearSonic Panel, off the wall surface behind the drummer and back into the performance and audience areas. We recommend the use of the Sorber panel systems. They are designed for this precise application.

Product Technical Documents