and baffles

Initially designed as a solution to control drum noise on stage, our product range has been extended and is now widely used in both stage and studio environments to control individual levels and for general room treatments.

  • Accessories and spares

  • Clearsonic T-Base
  • A range of accessories and spares are available to help you get the most out of your ClearSonic system.

  • Towel microfibre towel to polish acrylic screens
  • Gloves gloves to protect acrylic screens from fingerprints whilst being set up and moved
  • Poles spare poles for supporting ClearSonic lid systems
  • Hinge spare hinge can be bought by the foot or pre cut to panel sizes
  • U Channel spare foot for acrylic panels
  • H Channel spare channel for attaching height extenders to acrylic panels
  • T Channel Base for stabilising the base of your Clearsonic Panels